PutterWorks: Technology

CSH (Center Shafted Hosel) Technology

During 2006, Jake Schmidt began designing a revolutionary golf club putter that “looks” like a traditional heel shafted heel toe weighted putter, but incorporates a hosel that is center shafted. The new PLOP RSVP 2 putter head body looks like the PING Anser 2 or Titleist Pro Platinum heel shafted putters where the hosel is attached to the heel and made out of a singular block of metal. However, the PLOP RSVP 2 center shafted offset hosel floats through a topline heel opening untouched and connects to a vertical center post. An advantage of all heel shafted putters is there is an unobstructed view of the ball at setup and through the entire putting stroke. In 2008, Schmidt perfected the method of manufacturing the RSVP 2 CSH 1 and permanently inserting a separately milled offset hosel into the separately milled body.

The new CSH putter technology was tested scientifically off the professional tours and by players on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and LPGA Tour. The results showed two major advantages over the hosel to heel connected putters widely used on by Tour players and amatuers. The CSH technology significantly increases the amount of feel and feedback that a player receives at the moment of impact with the golf ball, thereby increasing distance and control performance on long putts and keeping the golf ball on line for any distance putts. It also increases the sweet spot and provides virtually no twist in the golfer’s hands at the moment of impact, helping the putt to stay on its intended line. This is a direct result of the CSH technology reducing the variables of how much grip pressure the golfer needs to make to counteract the torque imparted at impact with a golf ball for different distances of putts.

All traditional putters, like a PING Anser 2 and similar models made by other manufacturers, have the hosel directly attached at the heel away from the center of impact on the face. The science of physics tells us that the further away you move the hosel and/or shaft connection from the center of the face and point of impact, the more the putter face will open at impact and the more the shaft and grip will rotate or twist in the golfer’s hands, depending upon how hard the putt is hit. CSH technology virtually eliminates these significant disadvantages and performs more like the PLOP Original center shafted blade, the only putter made that can patently claim it possesses zero twist in a golfer’s hands when the golf ball is struck at the center of the face. It’s the Physical Laws Of Putting (PLOP) and you can’t argue with physics. The new PLOP CSH technology conforms to the USGA rules of golf.

Center Shafted “Perfect Balance” Technology

Jake redesigned the largest selling custom fit putter of the 1990’s, the PLOP “Original” center shafted brass blade. No other putters are center shafted precisely through the center of gravity from heel to toe and face to back. The metal surrounding the angle of the shaft entering the center of gravity is evenly distributed. To achieve this 360 degrees perfect balance, the putter can only be made in one shape. This balance is totally neutral, therefore the putterhead does not attempt to open or close anytime during the putting stoke and naturally tends to come back to square impact.

Jake improved the PLOP Original by incorporating a full face aluminum insert for softer feel and elimination of any backspin at impact. He also designed a heavier putter head for better balance and a smoother stroke. The PLOP “i” Original gets its name from the full face aluminum insert and is made in three different putterhead weights, correlated to different shaft lengths, for better balance and a smoother stroke. The PLOP Original and the new PLOP “i” Original provide maximum feel and zero twist at impact, the only putters that can make this claim.